4 Unique Landscape Lighting Ideas

If you really want to make your yard into a magical place at night, lights are a terrific way to do it. Landscape lighting Jacksonville serve the dual purposes of allowing you to see in your yard at night, while offering extra curb appeal during the night hours. Continue reading to learn about four unique ways you can utilize lighting in your landscape design.

Landscape lighting Jacksonville

1: Firefly Bushes

Firefly bushes make use of small lights that are strewn into the interior of your bushes. It appears as though there are fireflies or ‘fairies’ living inside, thus giving the area a magical feeling. This can also be done with trees. Although yellow is the most commonly used color, you can use any color you prefer.

2: Romantic Walkways

Turn hazardous walkways into romantic paths by using small lantern lights along them. Don’t space them too close together. To create a path which is both soft and practical, place the lantern lights so the fading light just barely touches one another. Depending on the lights used, every six to ten feet should be appropriate.

3: Neon Pool Illumination

If you have a pool, it probably already has a built-in light for night swimming. But what about your pool furniture and deck? Use neon lighting beneath pool furniture and in the corners of your deck to create a cool hang out spot. You’ll be able to see, but the light won’t be bright enough to attract bugs or ruin your night vision.

4: Highlighting

Many people use lights to highlight the exterior of their homes, which is both appealing and a deterrent for potential robbers. In addition to highlighting your home, you can use lights to showcase any trees or flower beds you are particularly proud of. People who use highlighting on their yards are less likely to be victims of a robbery.